Here a stunning experience from the craziest supercars auto show of the world: the TOP MARQUES of MONACO. For those never heard about it, I’m talking of the Internation Festival of Luxury of Monte-Carlo, this year at it’s twelfth edition, probably the best ever.
As every year, the event was held in the precious exhibition hall of GRIMALDI FORUM (LE ESPACE RAVEL) under the patronage of His Highness PRINCE ALBERT II, and showed more than 40 of most expensive and exclusive hypercars from each part of the world produced by manufactures like FERRARI, ZENVO, LAMBORGHINI, MCLAREN or ASTON MARTIN and the best tuned cars from HAMANN, MANSORY, DMC LUXURY, TECHART or NIMROD. Were also exposed many previews as the MAZZANTI EVANTRA or the TOROIDION 1MW and over 3 million dollars AEROMOBIL 3.0, the first flying car of the world.

This is only one of tens of videos recorded in the 2015 Editon, so be sure to watch them all from the specific playlist.

In this video a stunning matte white Nimrod Katyusha exposed at the show giving me the possibility to film it in each detail like rims, engine, interior, the logo of the “Dog”.

The Nimrod Katyusha is a tuned Ferrari 458 Italia with a “Enzo” look, interior leds, new exhaust and 738 hp of power.

The Ferrari 458 is the new mid-engined “little” supercar of the Maranello’s Prancing Horse produced since 2009 to replace the Ferrari F430.
Presented at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, originaly Ferrari made only the coupe version, named Ferrari 458 Italia, but one year later will be launched a cabriolet version also, the Ferrari 458 Spider.

Both mount the same V8 4,5 litre combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch trasmission derived directy from Scuderia Ferrari’s F1 experience which can produce the incredible power of 570 hp and a torque of 540 Nm, able to push the car to 0-100 Km/h in only 3,3 seconds for a Top Speed of over 325 Km/h.

The design is assigned entirely to the expert hands of Pininfarina who used Michael Schumacher’s advice to desing the interior, including the new steering wheel which incorporates many features and controls as opposed to their being on the dashboard, similar to racing cars.
The result is a formidable car which won many awards like the prestigious “CAR OF THE YEAR 2009” and “SUPERCAR OF THE YEAR 2009” and a real acclamation by Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson who proclaim it as BEST SUPERCAR OF THE HISTORY, better than Ferrari F40, thanks also to its incredible time of 1:19.1 on this personal track, just 0,1 seconds slower than a Ferrari Enzo.
In 2010 Ferrari presented the first race version of 458 Italia, named Ferrari 458 Challange, to take part at the mythic Ferrari Challenge Championship. Followed by the Ferrari 458 GT2, 458 GT3 and 458 Italia Grand-am, the 458 Challenge results incredible setting its faster time of 1:16.5 on the private Fiorano Test track in Maranello, just 0,2 seconds slower than the Ferrari FXX.

Through the years, Ferrari produced a lot of Special Edition of 458 Italia like the FERRARI 458 ITALIA DRAGON SPECIAL EDITION (only 20 pieces made) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Ferrari in the China market. This car present a stunning MARCO POLO RED body colour, golden wheel rims and a crazy golden dragon on the front bonnet.
In 2012 and 2013 Ferrari produced two ONE-OFF concept cars based on a Ferrari 458 Italia. The first one was buit for the English music legend ERIC CLAPTON and was named FERRARI SP12 EC. The second one is a concept created to celebrate Sergio Pininfarina and it’s a 2-seater Barchetta named exactly FERRARI PININFARINA SERGIO.

At last at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show was launched the ultimate version of this amazing supercar: the Ferrari 458 Speciale. The successor of Ferrari 430 Scuderia mounts a powered V8 engine that now develops 605 hp and a torque of 540 Nm, besides to a new active aerodynamics system designed by Ferrari Styling Center and a to a lower weight, only 1290 kg, 90 kg less than a standard 458 Italia. At the 2014 Paris Auto Show was presented a spider verion of the Speciale, called Ferrari 458 Speciale A and produced in 499 units only.

The production of the 458 ends in the 2015 when is replaced by the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Complete walkaround and a review with each detail like interior, wheels, engine, logo and lights.

RECORDED IN SPRING 2015: April, 18th 2015

Filippo Balzano

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