FERRARI 458 SPECIALE w/ Fi EXHAUST by R3 WHEELS – Driving and sound

Here another video from my special week-end spent in Monaco during the last Top Marques. Monaco is for sure the Carspotting Heaven, because you can see over one hundred exotic supercars and hypercars in an ordinary day and certainly in the Top Marques days, having the opportunity to see the exlusive cars engaged in the Test Drives without losing the chance to visit this wonderful city located on the beautiful French Riviera.

In this video a stunning silver with Martini Livery Ferrari 458 Speciale with german licence plate, R3 wheels and fi Exhaust drives around the city giving me the possibility to film it in each detail like rims, engine, interior, the logo of the “Cavallino” and to record its noisy start-up and its lovely sound while driving.

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is limited edition based on the 458 Italia, produced by the italian manufacture of Maranello to replace the Ferrari 430 Scuderia.
Unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, it mounts an increased engine powered to 605 hp which develops 540 Nm of torque and has an active aerodynamic designed by Ferrari Styling Centre in cooperation with Pininfarina. This last includes front and rear movable aerodynamics which belance downforce and cut drag, side slip angle control system (or SSC) which performs instant-to-instant analysis of the car’s side slip and torque distribution between the two wheels, like a Formula 1 race car.

The car weights 90 Kg less than a standard 458 Italia, only 1290 Kg at dry, and with 2,13 Kg/cv sprints from 0 to 100 Km/h in 2,8 seconds and to 0-200 Km/h in only 8,8 seconds, for a top speed of over 330 Km/h.
Thanks to this incredible performance the Ferrari 458 Speciale was only 0,5 seconds slower than a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta on the private Ferrari Track of Fiorano, achieving a time of 1:23,5.

The Ferrari 458Speciale is produced in tens of color and combinations, with a special mention for the GIALLO MODENA (yellow), ROSSO CORSA (red), ROSSO SCUDERIA (red), ROSSO DINO (red), BIANCO AVUS (white), ARGENTO NURBURGRING (silver), GRIGIO SILVERSTONE (gray), NERO DAYTONA (black), BLU ABU-DHABI (blue) and BLU TOUR THE FRANCE (blue) with single, double or none stripes in BLU NART (Blue), NERO STELLATO (Black) or GRIGIO CORSA (Gray).

The price to have a 458 Speciale starts to 250.000 €, but can reach the 300.000 € adding extras.

In summer 2014 Ferrari announced a sprider version, the Ferrari 458 Speciale A, that will be unveiled at the 2014 Paris Motor Show.
The “A” in its name stands for Aperta (opened in italian) and is due to its aluminum reclinable roof that closes in less than 14 seconds, adding only 50 Kg at the weight of its “covered” sister. The engine is the same of the Speciale, enough to be one of the fastest spyder of the world and for sure the best cabriolet Ferrari ever made.
The production will be limited at only 499 units, each of which features one of the new special colors TRIPLO STRATO and a central band in dual colour.

Complete walkaround and a review with each detail like interior, wheels, engine, logo and lights, driving, LOUD starting-up and really noisy exhaust rev sound.

RECORDED IN SPRING 2017: April, 18th 2017

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