Here another video from the amazing event organized by Ferrari at Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello to conclude the racing season of all Ferrari Challenge classes. I’m talking of Finali Mondiali Ferrari 2017 and this is only one of many videos I’ve recorded during the weekend lived on the paddock of Mugello Circuit, so be sure to not miss any of these watching the appropriate playlist I’ve created for.

Who was lucky enough to be at Finali Mondiali 2017 had the possibility to see over 200 cars from the motorsport world while driving on the track with qualify and races from 458 and 488 Ferrari Challange, GTE, GT3, F1 and XX Programes. Along side to this, there was the official revelation of the brand new Ferrari FXX-K Evo, the ultimate extreme evolution of the FXXK, showed in the paddock with a collection of the most important Ferraris that made the history through the years to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the manufacturer of Maranello.

In this video a stunning matte red (copper of bronze) Ferrari LaFerrari with monegasque licence plate takes part at the event giving me the possibility to film it in each detail like rims, engine, interior, the logo of the “Cavallino”.

Ferrari LaFerrari is the new Prancing Horse’s Flagship since its presentation at Geneva Motor Show 2013. Also known as Ferrari F70, it’s the natural successor of Ferrari Enzo and like this last will be produced in a Limited Edition of 499 numbered cars.
This supercar is the work of more than 5 years of development, began in 2008 when Ferrari, in collaboration with the Modena University, started to testing a special Ferrari FXX under the code of MILLECHILI PROJECT.
In early 2010, the first LaFerraris were seen testing on the private FIORANO CIRCUIT and looked like a camo mule based on a Ferrari 458 Italia: the project F150 were started.
In next months were unveiled many LaFerrari concepts, like the MANTA PROJECT and the TENSOSTRUTTURA PROJECT, showing innovative designs evolving without any PININFARINA input, making it the first Ferrari since the 1973 Dino 308 GT4 Bertone not to have a Pininfarina signature on its side.
In the LaFerrari’s launch speech in March 2013, the Ferrari’s President Luca Cordero di Montezemolo said how this car was the crowing of what Ferrari rappresents for millions of Cavallino Rampante’s fans worldwide, and as the name LAFERRARI was a choice to emphasize this concept.

Ferrari LaFerrari is a real masterpiece of design and engeneering. Being the first mild hybrid car ever made by Ferrari, providing the highest power output of any Ferrari whilst decreasing fuel consumption by 40 percent.
It’s equipped by a powerful mid rear 65° V12 6.3 litre engine producing 800 hp and 700 Nm of torque, supplemented by a 163 hp HY-KERS unit for a final power of 963 hp and over 900 Nm of torque. The electric unit gave LaFerrari incredible performance and the lower CO2 emissions ever on a supercar.
Indeed, thanks to it’s lightness, to a 7-speed dual-clutch trasmission and to the rear-wheel drive, LaFerrari reaches 405 Km/h of top speed going to 0-100 Km/h in less than 2,8 seconds, to 0-200 Km/h in less than 7 seconds, to 0-300 in less than 15 seconds, producing only 330 g/Km CO2 emission.
This impressive power, 128 hp per litre, added to a super rigid carbon fibre monocoque, has allowed the LaFerrari to have a lap in Fiorano in under 1 minute and 20 seconds, which is faster than any other road-legal car Ferrari ever produced.
To buy one of the 499 units made, each of these sold before the launch, you must to pay a price of over 1,2 millions €.

Based on the LaFerrari, in the Dicember 2014 was presented at the Yas Marina Circuit of Abu Dhabi a not road legal version named Ferrari FXX-K. The “K” stands for KERS, the innovative system of energy recovery born on the last Formula 1 Ferraris. The Ferrari FXXK is a real monster, with a power of 1050 hp (860hp from the thermic engine and 190 electric hp from the Kers) and more than 900 Nm of torque. Moreover this beast has an all new aerodynamic system with a split wing and new diffusers and flaps for over of 540 Kg of downforce. At last the Ferrari FXX K has a weight of less than 1100 Kg and it cost more than 2,5 milion dollars.

At 2016 Paris Motor Show was unveiled a roofless version named LaFerrari Aperta to celebrate Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary. All the 209 units made have been sold before that date.

Complete walkaround and a review with each detail like interior, wheels, engine, logo and lights, driving, LOUD starting-up and really noisy exhaust rev sound.

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